Weight Loss Update For February 13th




I am so very proud of myself this week! I surpassed every expectation of what I would lose! I lost 3 pounds this week! For a total of 14 pounds since starting my journey! I have 11 pounds left to go to hit my complete goal of 25 pounds! There is two weeks left for my Biggest Loser contest at work. I am pretty sure that I wont hit that goal by the end of the month BUT I am going to try like the dickens to get as close as I can!!



For those of you who have been following along this journey with me I appreciate all your encouragement. You have been my rock and I love you for it!  MWAAAAAAAH!!!

A New Healthier Me

I have always been a bit heavier then I should be. Always making excuses as to why I can’t lose weight. I don’t have enough time or I can start tomorrow. I’m tired of making excuses for myself. So I am taking the step to try to lose weight and better myself! I am writing this blog so that I can keep track of my progress and maybe encourage others to do the same!

I had a wake up call about a month ago when I was applying for life insurance. They came out and did a physical and blood work. The normal stuff that everyone has to go through when getting insurance for the first time. When I got the results I was pretty shocked. I thought for sure I was in pretty good shape at 38 years old. I was completely blown away. My levels were way off and they stated that I was on my way to a heart attack or stroke. I’m 38, this doesn’t happen to people until they get old….well let me tell you, that is NOT the truth. I was approved for the policy but my rates were jacked up almost to the point I didn’t take the policy at all. That, my friends will get anyone motivated.

I also have three children and a grand daughter that I would like to stick around for…well my husband too! 😛

So what have I done so far to get my butt in gear? Well I joined the Biggest Loser at work. What more motivation does someone need then to win money right? I also downloaded a few apps to keep track of my eating habits and track the progress I make with workouts. Some great ones are My Fitness Pal, Noom Coach, Noom walk, and Map My Walk! You can find these apps for your iphone or android on google play.

So i’m sure a lot of you are wondering, well just how fat is she? lol My start weight is 176. I have been slowly working in a routine of walking. So far this week i’ve walked 7.5 miles more then what I would normally walk in a week. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it felt like a mountain. But I did it and I pushed myself to go further every time I walked!

So now comes the brave part of my blog. I am scared as all get out to do this but it has to be done…. I am going to post my before pictures….Now I am only in my bra and pants so if you do not want to see these, then you can kindly leave now. Honestly, this is more for me then it is for you but encouragement is ALWAYS welcome!! I will need plenty of that!!! So…here we go!

20150108_171204 20150108_171209

I’m sure that there will be some rude or nasty comments but that’s ok! I’m overweight and it’s my fault. But I am in the process of doing something about it! That is the first step. I will update and add more pictures as my process continues and I hope by the years end I have lost at least 25 pounds!

I have already takes some steps in eating healthier and pushing myself to do more! I hope that this will encourage others to do the same!