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Book Description:
It seems as if by the second a new health study brings THE answer for what is good for us. This academic-narrative fascinating book is based on the assumption that the right path for health, happiness and abundance in so personal that only you are responsible of finding and embracing the “best answer”. Dr. Feldman invites you to discover what happens when “Gymnastics” meets “Mind”, when they are put together as a way of life. She inspires you to “Gymind” Your way in life, to pursue health and happiness the way that suits you. She uncovers the personal empowering story of Muriel, Aida, Oliver, Maya, Irene, Barak, and many others who embrace Gymind as a way of life. Their personal growth and inner revelations (painted in grey throughout this book, along with other surprising tips and guidelines), reflect on all of us as if we experience our personal grow along with them. (Description copied from Amazon)


This book gives you a diverse way to meet your health goals. It brings out your mental status as well as your health. Bringing a new meaning to health and wellness! It has step by step instructions on how to do exercises in a safe way.

It includes personal stories from people who were struggling just like I am. Which makes it even better. I know I am not the only person who has had worries about the way I workout and made the excuses not to do so. The personal stories have inspired me to do more then just the same old workout routine. It has made me take a look at my inner self and find what makes me happy.

In finding what makes me happy, I am more comfortable in my own skin and how I want to personally change it! This book promotes self motivation, self praise, and ways to change the way you think about health!

It gives you healthy advice about food and when you should eat it. Rather then trying the same old count your calories routine. It tells you different ways to burn those calories and maintain your burn more efficiently.

It helps with long term goals in maintaining your weight loss! Once a person has hit their goal weight you think…well what’s next? This book is perfect for helping those who have already hit their goal but don’t know what to do now that they are there.

Putting your mental aspect into your workout is very important to staying on track. Those who, for instance, make that yearly resolution to lose weight and become healthy, normally trail off by mid to the end of January. This book gives you great motivation and helps you to change your overall mind set! It goes over many aspects of why your mental status is so important to losing weight and keeping up your new found routine!

I completely recommend this for anyone who is out there trying to lose weight and get healthy in their life. It’s a great motivator and I think, once you start reading it, you will have a better chance in keeping your goal!

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