Ragu Dish Review

I am a proud member of http://www.crowdtap.com and got the great opportunity to try Ragu Sauce for free through their website. All the opinions on this blog are my own. I received a coupon for a one free jar of Ragu sauce of my choice.


My family loves Alfredo, so I picked up a jar!


I decided to make Shrimp Alfredo with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes! It’s a fast, easy and the entire family loves it!



I started out by putting the noodles in to boil. While I waited for them to cook I prepared the spinach and tomatoes. The shrimp only needed to be boiled a few minutes as I purchased them already peeled and pre cooked. After the noodles were cooked and strained I added all ingredients into a pot on low heat, added the Ragu Alfredo Sauce, mixed and simmered for about 3 minutes. Here is the finished product!


I love and trust Ragu brand and my family loves it too! There are so many different varieties of dishes you can make! Check out the Ragu website for great family recipes to make for your family. http://www.ragu.com/recipes

I made my dish for 5 but I only had pictures of my family as one guest did not want to be photographed. IMG_20141002_170816


I served with a salad and their choice of drink! They devoured it! And don’t you just love the fine china? Lol I didn’t want to wash to many dishes!


Everyone loved dinner and boasted about the Ragu Alfredo Sauce! My husband told me he thought I used another brand and was surprised at how good the Ragu tasted!

I totally recommend the Ragu brand! Try your #NewTraDish today!

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