Seventh Generation

Have you ever wanted to try a product that was safe, toxin free and NOT tested on animals? I recently got a chance to try Seventh Generations products that has all of these qualities! I received through Smiley360 the following:

  • 2 samples of different Seventh Generation™ products (2 samples of the natural laundry detergent and 1 sample of the natural dish liquid)
  • 1 coupon booklet that includes 4 coupons for you to use and share the extras with your family and friends
  • Smiley360 Seventh Generation™ Sharing Guide

Disclaimer: I received these products free through Smiley360 the opinion of the product is of my own.

I tried the dish washing liquid first, only because I was already caught up on laundry haha. The smell wasn’t bad but not what I expected. It wasn’t a bad smell, just not as strong as my normal dish washing liquid. It was very pleasant! It was a small amount but I have done at least 6 loads of dishes and I still have half of my sample left. It didn’t take much at all to wash the sink full of dishes I had.  I loved it so much I went to the website and purchased a 50 oz bottle which is priced amazing at only $5.99. This bottle will last me forever!!!

Now onto the laundry detergent! I used both of my packets on 2 different loads, one for colors and one for whites. I didn’t see any difference from my normal laundry detergent other then the fact it didn’t have an over powering smell and was also minus all of the toxins the other leading brands add. It worked just as well and my clothes actually came out smelling really nice! Almost like I had hung them out on the line to dry. If any of you have hung your laundry out on a nice sunny day you know the amazing smell i’m talking about!! I also purchased a bottle of the laundry detergent when I ordered the dish soap!! Although the laundry soap was a little more pricey then what you might get at the store, I totally think it’s worth the price not to add all the extra toxins onto my clothes. Plus you don’t have to use as much. For 100 oz bottle it was $13.99. In the picture below you will see just how little the sample was but I did a large load of clothes! It’s worth every penny I spent on both full size bottles of laundry detergent and dish soap!

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone! It would be great for those who have allergies to chemicals and it’s all safe around children and pets!!!

IMG_20140611_191949 IMG_20140611_192018

Here are my full size bottles that I received through purchase on the Seventh Generation website!

IMG_20140612_192247 IMG_20140612_192339

The promotion code below expires at the end of June so hurry to save! They have other amazing products on the site too! Toilet paper, cleaners, face wipes and much much more!! There is also a list of retailers on the website if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing online!

Get your own #SeventhGenClean environmentally friendly products with promo code SMILEY20 #freesamp Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

via Seventh Generation.

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