Sephora dark spot minimizing serum

I work in healthcare and take care of the elderly! I love my job! I have a lady I care for full time and she has a lot of age spots on her hands. I asked permission to take a before, during, and after picture of her hand so that I can post on my blog, she agreed. I will only be posting pics of her hand as there are privacy laws about posting pics of faces.

I love using Sephora products. I think they work very well! I have never tried the dark spot serum before. So I purchased some for my little lady because she was always complaining about her age spots. It’s pretty pricey at $20 but if your a Sephora points member it goes towards free products! Which is another reason I love the product! Free stuff is always awesome!

The directions say to use morning and evening. Apply locally on the dark spots and then message a few seconds with the exfoliating tip of the applicator.

Today is the first day I have applied so I will add the before picture and I will add a picture once a week to see if there are any results! I have truly high hopes for this product!


I do believe that if this product is used for a long period of time it may actually work! The darkest spot still looks pretty dark but the smaller one next to it seems to have faded a bit! We will see how it does after another week!


So I’m not to sure this is working…but it’s supposed to be applied 2 times a day but I haven’t always been here to put it on as directed. So we will keep using it and update again soon!

I am pleased to tell you that I have been applying this for a few months now. It has reduced the darkness of the age spots on my little lady! The smaller spot on her hand has almost finished! This stuff is amazing!

You can find the Sephora Dark Spot Minimizing Serum at JCPenny or online at

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