Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails challenge.

So I have been taking the gummies sent to me through smiley360! I noticed that my hair has been feeling a bit thicker but my nails aren’t doing so well. They are still very brittle and seem to be peeling and breaking more now then they were before. Will post before and after pics in a few. Now I’ve only been taking the gummies for a short time so I will give it more time before I give a full opinion on them. I also noticed that I was getting tiny little blisters in between my fingers. I don’t know if its related to the gummies or the change in weather. So far there are good and bad things but still to early to really tell. Here are my pics! I will post 3 before pics of my nails. 2 pics of the little blisters and then the nails I have 2 weeks into my mission. IMG_20140326_133207 IMG_20140403_080753 IMG_20140326_133157IMG_20140405_061946IMG_20140405_061946IMG_20140407_094858IMG_20140407_094831

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