Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Spring Clean Challenge!

So I started on my kitchen this weekend. It’s pretty small so there wasn’t much to clean. I painted the walls because they were super bad lol and dark. So white paint brightened it up a lot! I cleaned the side of my fridge and the side of my  bottom cabinet. They were the worst lol the garbage can sits next to the fridge so it’s always getting food and other gunk on it. I used the Arm & Hammer baking soda with just a bit of water to clean the side of my fridge. It worked so well! Got every nasty thing off of it and made my fridge look brand new! The thing I like best about the baking soda is that it didn’t scruff up the surface area like other cleaners do. It was safe and had no bad or extreme odor to it! beforeafter

I also cleaned the side of my counter. Everyone who comes into the kitchen sees this first thing. I have no idea how it gets so nasty lol but it does. So I cleaned it just like I did the fridge! Again it did an amazing job! IMG_20140406_134345IMG_20140406_141634


I’m going to try it on my sink next and will post pics of that as soon as I’m done! Love this stuff!

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