Nature’s Bounty hair, skin & nails gummies.

I received my free sample challenge kit from smiley360 the other day! I’m really excited about this challenge because my nails peel and break so easy, my skin is always so blah and my hair splits and breaks. I got strawberry flavored gummies. The texture of the gummies are smooth, not gritty when chewed. The taste is pretty outstanding, tastes like strawberry yogurt!

So I started taking the vitamins 3 days ago, so it’s to early to tell if they actually work lol but I will definitely keep you posted!  I am posting a pic of my hair ends now and in 30 days when my challenge is complete I will post an after picture for you all! hair before



So I find myself at the end of my 30 day challenge! 😦 I have to tell you that I have put my hair through a lot in the past month. I got it cut, which was a good thing! But I also got not only one perm but two. The first one didn’t take.  I also have been using products in my hair I normally didn’t use before, such as mousse and hair spray, which can damage hair. When I started my challenge you can see from the first picture that my hair was in rough shape. After 30 days my hair seems to be stronger and healthier even after all it’s been through! Here is an after picture of my hair!




My hair isn’t as dry and brittle as it was before I started my 30 day Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails challenge! My skin feels more hydrated and doesn’t itch like it use to!  My nails however need a little more help. I noticed they don’t peel as much but they still peel and break.

I plan to continue purchasing Nature’s Bounty as I love what it has done for my hair and skin so far! Plus they taste amazing!

You can find them at most retailers or pharmacy stores. I have found that the most reasonably priced retailer is Walmart, however they seem to always be out of stock. 🙂  (Its because they are awesome and everyone wants them) at least that’s my opinion haha.

I recommend that you all try a 30 day challenge of your own with Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails gummies! You’ll definitely see a difference and feel so much better! I have truly enjoyed this challenge through Smiley360 and look forward to my next! 🙂


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